We chat to interior designer, Catherine De Meur, about using our Arabescato Corchia Italian marble for her latest project. Scroll to read how she used it to transform a rundown convenience store into this stunning hairdressing salon…

We chatted with Catherine to get more insight into her stunning project:

Which project did you use Cav’art’s stone? We used Cav’art’s stone in the total refurbishment of Loxx Hairdressing salon in Gymea Bay. The salon was a complete gut redo of a convenience store that was in a state of disrepair.

What was the client’s brief for the project? The client’s brief for the Loxx Hairdressing salon project was centered around sustainability and nature. They wanted the salon to embody an ethos of environmental consciousness while also creating a space that was energising yet calming. It was important to ensure that all materials used in the project aligned with this brief and reflected the client’s values.

What stone did you use and why? We chose Cav’art’s Arabescato Corchia Italian marble because we wanted it to be a showstopper piece in the salon. The look and feel of the stone aligned perfectly with the salon’s aesthetic and our vision for the space.

Was the client involved in the stone selection process? Yes, the client was actively involved in the stone selection process. When we were initially looking for stone options and we couldn’t find what we were looking for, then I heard that Cav’art Designer Stone had just opened. We decided to visit Nathan, the owner of Cav’art, and instantly knew we had found the perfect stone for the project.

How did Cav’art’s stone align with the client’s brief? Cav’art’s stone was a perfect fit for the client’s brief as it embodied the natural beauty she was seeking. The use of natural stone not only added a touch of elegance and luxury to the salon but also contributed to its overall sustainability goals. Cav’art’s commitment to environmentally responsible stone production, as well as their unique and visually stunning stone designs, perfectly aligned with the client’s ethos and vision for the space.

Why did you choose Cav’art’s stone? We chose Cav’art’s Arabescato Corchia Italian marble because the colour, features and tactile beauty instantly caught our attention, and we knew it was perfect for the salon. Additionally, Nathan’s passion for his product and care for his clients were evident throughout the entire process, making Cav’art the perfect choice for us.

Can you tell us more about working with Nathan from Cav’art? Working with Nathan from Cav’art was a truly positive experience. His passion for natural stone and dedication to delivering high-quality products and services was evident from the start. Nathan took the time to understand our design vision and provided expert guidance on selecting the perfect stone for our project. He was responsive, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to ensure that we were satisfied with the stone selection and its installation. Nathan’s care for both his product and our clients was remarkable and made our collaboration with Cav’art a seamless and enjoyable process.

What was the client’s reaction when seeing the finished result? The client’s reaction was overwhelming. She was blown away by the beauty and tactile feel of stone. It became a focal point that elevated the overall design and created a stunning visual impact. The use of natural stone not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, and they were estatic with the result.

How has the use of natural stone impacted your clients’ perception of it? The use of natural stone, particularly Cav’art’s stone, has had a significant impact on our clients’ perception of it. My client, who had not previously considered natural stone, was amazed by its beauty, feel, and visual impact when she saw it in the salon. It helped her to better understand the value and appeal of natural stone in design, and she appreciated the attention to detail and quality that Cav’art’s stone brought to the project. It has also sparked conversations about sustainability and the importance of using environmentally responsible materials in design, aligning with the client’s brief and overall ethos.

How did Cav’art’s stone enhance the overall design of the salon? Cav’art’s Arabescato Corchia Italian marble was a standout feature in the design of the salon. Its unique beauty made it a showstopper piece that instantly captures attention. The stone became a focal point in the salon, drawing people’s eyes towards it and creating a visual impact that elevated the overall design. Its natural beauty and luxurious feel added a sense of elegance and sophistication to the space, enhancing the salon’s overall aesthetic and atmosphere.

Would you recommend Cav’art, and why? Absolutely! We highly recommend Cav’art without a doubt. The quality of their stone and their commitment to customer satisfaction is exceptional. Working with Nathan was a seamless and enjoyable experience, as his passion for natural stone and care for clients is contagious. Choosing Cav’art for our project was a no-brainer, and we will defintely recommend them to our clients in the future.

DESIGNER: Catherine De Meur Interiors
STONEWORK: Marble Design
PHOTOS: The Palm Co

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