project profile: CAV’ART x ROSE CONTRUCTION

Tyrone Martin, the Director of Rose Construction, shares his experience using our stone for his latest project. Keep scrolling to learn more about the stunning transformation of his Clovelly home…

What stone did you use for the project? Taj Mahal quartzite and Limestone Tundra Grey.

Which project did you use Cav’art’s stone? Our Clovelly project, which was pretty much a complete rebuild.

What was the brief for the project? Modern Mediterranean style.

In regards to the stone selection, were you involved in that? Yes, I was involved in the stone selection process.

Could you explain the process? Did you work with an interior designer or the client? As the builder and the client myself, it made the process easier. I worked with an interior designer who provided me with a finish schedule. I then went to Cav’art and selected the slabs based on the specified stone from the schedule.

Did you have a specific stone in mind before going, or did you choose based on what you saw? Initially, the interior designer specified Travertine for the kitchen benchtop. However, after consulting with Nathan from Cav’art, he recommended Taj Mahal quartzite for its durability and superior finish. For the stairs, we used Limestone tundra grey, which was selected by my wife based on Nathan’s advice.

Was durability a significant factor in choosing the stone for the stairs? Absolutely. The stairs required a durable and strong stone, and Nathan recommended one that is commonly used in commercial spaces. He assured me it would withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

When people visit the home and see the stone, what reactions have you received? People are amazed when they see the stone. The staircase, in particular, stands out and is often perceived as a piece of art rather than just a functional element. As soon as people walk in, their jaws drop. They’re absolutely amazed by the stone. The staircase becomes the centrepiece of the entire house. It captivates everyone from the moment they step inside and look up. They perceive it more as a work of art rather than just a regular staircase. It’s not seen as a mere set of steps; it’s something extraordinary. Everyone who walks in comments on it and is completely blown away.

How did it feel for you when you saw everything in place and finished? It felt like a piece of artwork, to be honest. Seeing the stone in place added a touch of elegance and beauty to the overall project.

Would you recommend Cav’art, and if so, why? Absolutely, I would recommend Cav’art. Nathan and his team are professional, friendly and provide end-to-end expertise.They have a professional setup that sets them apart. Nathan, the owner, has a genuinely good nature that shines through, I have complete trust in him to handle stone selection even when I’m not present. He ensures that the process flows smoothly from selection to installation. It’s like a well-oiled machine, which helps project management on my end. Nathan offers expertise throughout the entire process, from the initial selection to the final installation. Although he doesn’t handle the installation personally, he coordinates and communicates the selection to the installers, ensuring that no information gets lost in transit. It’s a seamless working experience, and I trust them to deliver exceptional results.

BUILDER: Rose Construction
Design Architect: Avenue One Design
PHOTOS: Sebastian Photography

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