project profile: CAV’ART x STUDIO xOx

Cav’art worked with Studio xOx on their range of exclusive vanities and mirror cabinets in collaboration with Sydney’s most prolific designers. Completely customisable, these vanities were designed specifically for the client and complimented by their choice of our stone. We chatted to the team about the experience, scroll to read and see the stunning results…


SOL Vanity using our Onyx Light


EVE Vanity using our Calacatta Viola Marble


MIA Vanity using our Super White dolomite


RAE Vanity using our Precious White marble


OAK Vanity using our Terosso Onyx


HER Vanity using our Emerald Green quartzite


SIX Vanity using our Taj Mahal quartzite


MIA Vanity using Sappone marble


MIA Vanity using our Calacatta Viola


Why did you choose Cav’art’s stone for your vanity collaboration? We wanted to work with Cav’art for their comprehensive stone selection, expertise and utmost professionalism.

What were the criteria when choosing the stone? We try not to follow ‘trends’ but instead look for stone that is unique and appeals to our architectural audience. We felt that Cav’art supplied that for us in that they source stone which isn’t necessarily ‘accessible’ or ‘standard’.

Were the designers involved in the stone selection? Yes. The vanity designer and our in-house interior designer made the final calls on what stones ended up on each vanity.

What was the reaction when everyone saw the finished results?  In the context of the Design Show, people were blown away. We often get comments about the slabs we use on our joinery and ‘how unique they are’. They are topics of conversation that we love.

Would you recommend Cav’art, and why? Absolutely, we love working with the Cav’art team. Nathan and the team are wonderful to work with. The dedication of the staff and the education they can provide us and our clients on different stones is what makes Cav’art stand out from their competition. We like to say that we partner with the ‘best of Australia’ and Cav’art really encompasses that ethos.


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